For the Love

For the Love: Fighting for Grace in a World of Impossible Standards

Jan Hatmaker is a say it like it is kinda gal.  I can’t say I was amening through each and every statement in this book but I can say that I appreciate Jan’s heart of love and willingness to put it out there for all to see and hear.  Her style of saying it like she sees it and her heart for the Lord makes this a read worth investing in.

Jan fills in the blank “For the Love….”  in many different ways.  But her true heart is for the Love of People.  Leading us to be people who do more healing than hurting comes through loud and clear.

The book is divided into parts and frankly at times doesn’t seem to have a lot of continuity at times.  It is a book of essays which can lead to this feeling.  Some of the essays are serious and many are just plan funny with a grain of truth in them.  This book addresses loving ourselves, our families, people in general and the church.

Though I’m not the funniest kind of gal on earth, some of my favorite chapters are Chapters 8, 14, 20, and 24 Thank You Notes inspired by Jimmy Fallon.  They are hilarious and frankly, many of the things I think but do not say!  Thanks Jen for putting words to my many of my thoughts!

Another Chapter which I really resonated with was the one to the Church.  Chapter 22, Dear Church…. has some tough stuff to read and even tougher to think deeply and prayerfully about.  How sad is it that so many pastors work so hard and feel so unappreciated?  Even so, how sad is it that churches are filled with people who feel they just aren’t measuring up.

Quote from For the love

Jen Hatmaker’s For the love…

I hope that you find this book a fun read with deep stuff to think on.  Jen’s style is not for everyone but her heart is for God so why not expand your read?

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