Ready or Not Christmas is Here in less than 46 Days!Anchor

     What feelings do you experience when you hear that Christmas will be here in no time?

Dread, excitement, shock, exhaustion……

Christmas is meant to bring us joy!  I hope that it does when you have a chance to take a deep breathe and think about it.  If there are any negative emotions associated with how you feel about this special holiday. I have a great resource for you.

Get Yourself Organized for Christmas:  Simple Steps to Enjoying the Season by Kathi Lipp  

Get Yourself Organized for Christmas is a quick read, which is jam packed with lots of great ideas.  One of the best concepts from Kathi’s book is the Christmas Binder.

When I taught 4th grade I required all my students to have one notebook.  It made all of life easier.  There was never a questions where their math paper, spelling words or planner was.  Everything was supposed to live in their notebook.  All of these concepts ring true for a Christmas Binder too.

Kathi recommends you put everything in your Christmas Binder.  From a budget (for all your holiday purchases), to all the recipes you will need (from the big day to all the parties you will attend).

Just like a school binder you will want to include dividers with all the sections labeled.  Kathi goes into great detail in the book about what she recommends you should include in your binder.

Get Yourself Organized for Christmas also has great tips and tricks to organizing your priorities.  Christmas can be such a busy time, there are so many things to do.  School concerts, parties, family Christmases, and don’t forget shopping for gifts.

Kathi encourages you to stop and consider what activities bring you joy and which ones bring you stress.  She then gives you permission to decide if you want to continue to do them or not.

Family traditions are important but we often take the joy out of the holiday by trying to keep up with all the traditions we have adopted over the years.  Having a heart to heart with your family can give you insight into what traditions are really important to everyone and which ones you might have out grown.

Now is the time to start preparing for the best Christmas ever, so be sure to pick up the book now and get started getting organized today!

You can purchase the book at Amazon.

Get Yourself Organized for Christmas:  Simple Steps to Enjoying the Season by Kathi Lipp  

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