Where does character come from?

Where does character come from? The older we get the more we realize how important character is.  When people describe you, what do they say?  When they talk about your character, what kind of words would come to mind.  How many of those words would be the same words...

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Review by Rayna: Anxious for Nothing

Anxious for Nothing:Finding Calm in a Chaotic World I just love Max Lucado.  If you have not read his books this is a good place to start.  Max has a relaxed friendly style of dealing with some tough topics.  Anxious for Nothing is a book that addresses the struggles...

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Review by Rayna: How’s Your Soul?

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Review by Rayna: Doing Busy Better

  Doing Busy Better has great content. Though it would not make my top 10 list, I would recommend it because it does hit on some things which I think most of us need to hear.  The Lord definitely challenged me in areas as I read about this Better Busy. Glyniss...

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Do You Think in Questions?

What are you wearing today?  Why?  When you got ready to get dressed this morning what caused you pick out what you have on today? If you are anything like me most days I do a pretty good job of dressing myself considering what my day has in store for me.  I usually...

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Review by Rayna: Scary Close

Scary Close:  Dropping the Act and Finding True Intimacy is an interesting read and a deviation from what I usually share here. I have been familiar with Donald Miller because of his business acumen not as a person.  After reading this book I would say I know him...

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