When did your mom become one of the smartest people you know?  Isn’t it funny how when we were growing up it felt as if there was so much she just didn’t understand?  When did you realize you were becoming just like her?

Transitioning into an adult can be challenging and complicated.  I think one of the sweetest parts is when we are able to step back and think about how our parents influenced who you are today. 

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      Since my mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease when I was just 16 I have often thought of what I missed.  Obviously, there are many things which we did not get to experience as mother and daughter. 


       Mom was never able to share dating or marriage advice.  She didn’t get to beam with pride as the grandma of my sweet niece and nephew and tell us all about how they do things just like we did. We did not have the opportunity to walk this life as friends but she did teach me many things I am very thankful for. Here are just 5 of the lessons I learned from my amazing mom.


1.   If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all.

I know we have all heard this saying and I definitely grew up hearing it.

When my mom passed away I was so blessed to hear over and over again from people who knew her well that they never heard her say a bad thing about anyone.  Not only did she teach me an important life skill but she lived it every day.


2.  If you get it out, put it back when you are done.

Don’t you love it when you read something and you can hear the person who said it to you 1,000s of times saying it?

Mom taught me how to keep an orderly home and how much easier it is to find things when you put them away.  I’m sure like all kids I did not always do a good job keeping things picked up but Mom never gave up training me.


3.  Spend your money wisely.

Just because it seems like a good deal doesn’t mean it is.

I will never forget the summer when everyone was getting a pass to the swimming pool.  I was so upset when Mom would not let me buy a pass.  Instead she put the money in an envelope and had me take out the cost of getting into the pool each time I went.  She assured me she would pay for additional visits if I went through my money in the envelope.  Of course when the end of summer came there was money left in the envelope.  I have not always spent my money wisely but practical her teaching has helped me to avoid many mistakes.


4.  Always try your best, that is all anyone can expect. 

Elementary school was no walk in the park for me.  I had to work hard to get good grades.  I will never forget how much my mom did to support me and help me.  She always encouraged me to just do my best and that was good enough for her.  You only fail when you stop trying.  Thanks to mom I have faced many challenges in life with tenacity and found many successes after not giving up.


5.  Reading can be fun.

My mom was a reader.  I remember her enjoying books all the time.  Since reading did not come easily for me I could never imagine wanting to read for fun.  Now as an adult I’m just like my mom.  I read for fun daily.   I’m so thankful my mom enjoyed books and encouraged me to as well.  Reading is not only a great way to learn new things but it also allows me to escape into different worlds.


Looking back it is always easier to see how smart our parents were/are. I wish I had had more time with my mom.  She was an amazing lady who loved her family very much and taught me many valuable lessons.  I am so thankful to have had her for a mom. 


What lessons have you learned from your mom, now that you know how smart she really is?

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